Lorri Dunn’s
School of Music

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Teaching music so students learn quickly,
efficiently, independently and happily!

Teaching for 32 years

Studios in Wolfville and Clare Nova Scotia

Yearly recitals and competitions available

Provincial exams available in theory and practical

Offering instruction in Piano, Theory, Composing

Canada’s first certified Piano Marvel instructor

About me

I grew up in Thunder Bay Ontario and studied privately with several teachers at the Avila Music Centre and later in Nova Scotia where I live today.
I was very involved in band in my high school and played oboe there as well as in the Thunder Bay Youth Symphony Orchestra. Music was a big part of my life growing up and should be a part of every child’s life!
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What are people saying?

“Lorri’s piano students have consistently been among the best I examined….(her) students are always well prepared, well organized and well spoken, and this is no co-incidence. She is certainly a devoted and caring teacher…she works very hard, is very organized and motivated, and takes the advancement of every student to heart.”

Dr. David Rogosin, Associate Professor of Music, Mount Allison University

“Lorri was always patient and kind. She knew how to develop both of my daughters in a way that challenged them when required and was supportive of them when they needed. She always found the right balance for both of my daughters who are very different in temperament and personality….she led both my daughters through many successful competitions and exams.”

Janelle (parent)

“My girls have accomplished several goals under Lorri’s guidance…and are extremely proud of what they have achieved. My eldest daughter had studied under two other piano teachers before and what she was able to master under Lorri’s guidance far exceeds anything she was taught prior and in a much shorter time. Lorri is an extremely knowledgeable, motivating and organized instructor….Her enthusiasm and extremely positive attitude make each lesson with her an enjoyable and productive one.”

Stacey (parent)

“My children, who had studied under various teachers in Ontario and Nova Scotia, reported her to be the best and most inspiring teacher they had ever worked with. I was in frequent contact with the parents of many of her students who all appreciated her dedication, creativity and commitment to cultivating the students’ confidence and self-esteem while challenging the children to perform at their full potential.”

Virginia (parent)

“Both my daughters are very happy to be learning with Lorri. Her level of engagement and dedication are above and beyond. We feel fortunate to have Lorri in our lives.

Lizon Arbuckle (parent)